2021 By-Laws

pdf file2021-01 Procedural By-Law
pdf file2021-02- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file 2021-03- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file2021-05- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file 2021-06-To Adopt a Workplace Anti-Violence, Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policy
pdf file2021-07-To Adopt a Council & Staff Relations Policy
pdf file2021-08-To Adopt a Customer Service & Communication Policy
pdf file2021-09-To Adopt an Alternate Work Schedule Policy
pdf file2021-10-To Adopt a Telecommuting Policy
pdf file 2021-11-To Adopt an Employee Code of Conduct Policy
pdf file 2021-12-To Adopt a Travel Compensation and Expense Policy
pdf file 2021-13- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file 2021-14-To Adopt the 2021 Municipal Operating Budget
pdf file 2021-15- Adoption of the 2021 Tax Rates
pdf file 2021-16 - Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file 2021-17-To Delegate Authority to the Municipal Treasurer
pdf file2021-19-To Delegate Authority to the Municipal Treasurer
pdf file2021-20-To Adopt a Road Construction Minimum Standards Policy
pdf file 2021-21-To Adopt a Holiday, Sick, Personal and Vacation Leave Policy
pdf file2021-22-To Adopt a Divulging Personal Information Via Phone Policy
pdf file2021-23-To Adopt an Email Management Policy
pdf file2021-24-Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file2021-26-To a Adopt a Legal Services to Council & Employees Policy
pdf file 2021-27-To Adopt an Employee Training & Development Policy
pdf file2021-28-To Adopt a Council Training & Development Policy
pdf file 2021-29 - Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file2021-30- To Adopt a Pregnancy and Parental Leave Policy
pdf file 2021-31-To Adopt a Bereavement Leave Policy
pdf file 2021-32- To Adopt a General Unpaid Leave of Absence Policy
pdf file2021-33- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file2021-36- To Appoint a Clerk-Treasurer
pdf file2021-37 - Confirmatory By-Law
pdf file2021-01-Pages 1-33- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-38- To Adopt a Cash Handling Policy
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-39- To Adopt a Donations Policy
pdf fileBy-Law- 2021-40- Borrowing By-Law
pdf fileBy-Law -2021-48- Emergency Management
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-49- To Adopt an Employee Incident and Accident Reporting Policy
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-50- To Adopt a Privacy of Personal Information Policy
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-51- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-52- Being a By-Law to Adopt a Covid-19 Vaccination Policy
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-53- Interim Taxation By-Law
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-58- Confirmatory By-Law
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-54- Court Leave Policy
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-55- Termination and Resignation Policy
pdf fileBy-Law 2021-47- Trailer Licensing