Building, Zoning & Planning

Official Plan

Head, Clara & Maria does not have it's own Official Plan. This means that we have adopted the County of Renfrew's Official Plan and are governed by it. A copy of the County Official Plan is available in the municipal office for your review.

Zoning By-Law

Although we do have a zoning by-law it does not specifically zone areas as commercial, residential or any other use. We use a system whereby all property is zoned according to use. You will find a composite copy of our Comprehensive Zoning By-law here or at the Township Office which incorporates the amendments made by By-Law #2011-17 (passed July 15, 2011) relating to home based businesses and occupations.

Zoning By-law Amendments

Any person may attend any public meeting held to consider zoning by-law amendments and is encouraged to make written or verbal representation either in support of or in opposition to the amendment. If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Township of Head, Clara & Maria before the by-law is passed, the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Council of the Township of Head, Clara & Maria, to the Ontario Municipal Board.

If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting, or make written submissions to the Township of Head, Clara & Maria before the by-law is passed, the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Ontario Municipal Board unless, in the opinion of the Board, there are reasonable grounds to do so. For additional information about this and other appeal processes go to the OMB site at


We wanted to pass on information that we have received. Shipping or cargo containers have been determined to be structures for assessment purposes. MPAC has decided that these containers will be assessed. Depending on the use of your container, a building permit may be necessary. Remember, no matter what type of structure - zoning conditions such as set backs have to be addressed. Please consider these issues when placing structures or containers on your property. Need more information - Call Bob.


Our Chief Building Official (CBO)

Our Chief Building Official is Robert (Bob) Labre. He can be reached at 613-586-2526. Due to volume of building activity, Bob only works one day a week for us and office hours will fluctuate due to field work and inspections. Please leave a message on his answering service - he will get back to you and arrange for appointments and/or inspections as necessary.

Council has adopted the following CBO Code of Conduct.

Lot Requirements

No Person shall use any lot or erect, alter or use any building or structure within the United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria except in accordance with the following provisions:

Lot Area (minimum): 2025 square metres
Lot Frontage (minimum):  30 metres
Front Yard Depth  (minimum):  7.5 metres
Side Yard Width  (minimum):  3 metres
Rear Yard Depth (minimum):  3 metres
Dwelling Unit Area (minimum):  55 square metres
Cottage Unit Area (minimum):  29 square metres
Lot Coverage (minimum): 35%
Building Height (maximum): 10.5 metres
Water Setback: 15 metres from the high water mark

Building Permit Fee Schedule

  Adopted August 26, 2023 Resolution No.:23/08/26/008

Building Application Forms

Depending on your project and who is completing that project you may need to complete one or all of the above forms. Please call and check with our CBO. Then print and complete the forms prior to your initial meeting.

Zoning and Planning Application Forms

Renfrew County Planning Department

The County of Renfrew performs planning functions for HCM.  The fees are determined by the County of Renfrew and may be learned by contacting them.

Fees for Zoning By-law or Official Plan Amendments will include the County Fee plus $200 payable to the Municipality to cover costs.  Overpayments will be reimbursed at the end of the process.  Underpayments will be invoiced. 

The following are typical planning applications - for the most up to date copies, please visit the County site at this link.