Building Permits (2009 Resolution)

The following is a Resolution of Council passed in 2009 adjusting Building Fees for the United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria.  These changes have been reflected in the attached chart in black.

WHEREAS the fee schedule prepared in 2007 omitted certain classes of building permits;

AND WHEREAS current practice has resulted in fees that seem too high for simple renovations or repairs in some instances and not adequate to cover the time to perform inspections in others;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Schedule A to By-Law # 2007-06, being the Building By-law, be amended to reflect the following:

THAT the rates for commercial building, renovations, alterations etc. be increased from .20/square foot to .30/square foot;

THAT the Septic system fees be separated to show Class 2 and 3 system permits being reduced from $300 to $150 with Class 4 permits remaining at $300;

THAT a new category for Class 1 be set as a no fee permit, simply to advise the CBO for approval of location;

THAT a new category called Re-roofing be set at $30;

AND THAT a new category called Minor alterations, repairs, and renovations is set at $15;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT these fees be effective immediately upon passing of this resolution.