Solid Waste Tipping Fees

Bags – standard size as per Schedule “A”
Oversized bags count as 2
$1/bag for 2012
$2/bag for 2013
Upholstered Furniture or Mattresses $5 each chair or small sofa $10 each large sofa or sofa bed or mattress
Large Appliances – fridge, stove, freezer etc. $10 each
Boats – no matter the material $3 per linear foot

Containers per Cubic Yard

Loose Household Waste $10 per cubic yard
Demolition/construction Waste - wood products, drywall and insulation products $20 per cubic yard
Asphalt Shingles $30 per cubic yard
Compacted material $30 per cubic yard
Railway Ties $5/tie
All Other Material $40 per cubic yard
Contaminated Fill (See Schedule “J”) Suitable for Daily Cover $40.00/tonne or $20/cubic yard
Contaminated Fill (See Schedule “J”) Not Suitable for Daily Cover $85.00/tonne or $40/cubic yard
Highway Accident Refuse – non-hazardous $100/cubic yard
Highway Accident Refuse – hazardous material Not accepted, will need to locate an authorized venue for disposal.
Building Fire/Building demolition $300 per load