Grants, Fundraising & Donations

Grant Recognition

In 2016 Head, Clara & Maria staff was successful in obtaining funding through Canada 150 Program through Heritage Canada.  We are pleased to acknowledge receipt of funds from the federal government for improvements to the municipal boat launches at Mackey, Stonecliffe and Deux Rivieres.  Funding has allowed us to install solar motion activated lights, dock extensions with reflectors, permanent waste and recycling receptacles and still to come, new picnic tables.  Council heard your request for improved facilities.  With assistance from the federal government, they came to fruition.  Thank you.

In 2011 funding was received from the Federal and Provincial governments through "Canada's Economic Action Plan" and "Ontario's Creating Jobs. Building Ontario." infrastructure programs to update the municipal hall/office/library and garage.

Funding was received from Human Resource and Development Canada through the "Enabling Accessibilty Fund" to update the outdated and inaccessible washroom facilities within the Community Hall.

The Federal Gas Tax funds were used to meet the requirements of Ontario's new drinking water legislation and update the water facilities at the Municipal hall including a new well, and filtering systems.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation approved funding in excess of $30,000 to install a pavillion and play equipment at Old Mackey Park making this a comfortable gathering place for young and old alike.

Thank you to the various individuals who worked on, approved and implemented these programs so that our residents could benefit. Through various grant and fundraising efforts we hope to continue with our record of success.

Council Fundraising and Donation Policy
Council Letter to Ratepayers

Mayor's Letter to Ratepayers - 2015

Donor Recognition

2012 donors

  • Fran Kelly-Chamberlain
  • Linda Chartrand

Thank you to those who have contributed to Council's recreation priorities for 2011

  • Betty Condie
  • Theresa Barnett
  • Fred & Geraldine Vickery
  • Don & Darla Doucette
  • Ernest & Helene Dufresne
  • Joseph & Mary Tessier (In memory of Frank Vogelson)
  • Robert & Patricia Bouchard
  • Keith & Ethel Lee
  • Dale Bingley & Judith Cavan
  • Robert Langlois
  • Charissa Moss
  • Happy Demarco

Anonymous contributions of $150.00

Fundraising Opportunities

The Recreation Committee formed in 2014 have been holding various functions at the Municipal Community Centre to raise funds for Council and Rec Committee objectives.  Some of these listed for 2014-2015 include: a bench and tree beside the Veteran's Memorial in Stonecliffe, benches, shade trees and a slide at Old Mackey Park, and washroom facilities at Stonecliffe Boat Launch.  


Council has approved a donation campaign which was kicked off with a letter included in the 2011 first installment tax bills. Council donation priorities for 2011 include: updates to Old Mackey Park including picnic tables, benches, landscaping; updates to LaCroix Park including picnic tables and/or benches; refinishing the hall floor by leveling and applying the same flooring as used in the washroom renovation; minimal contributions to Canada Day Celebrations.

To make a contribution, simply forward a cheque made payable to the United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria indicating that the funds are to be directed to our donations program. If you would like your contribution to be anonymous, please indicate this on your contribution or otherwise contact us; otherwise recognition will be given in various ways including notation on this website. If you would like to see your contribution directed a specific way, to meet 2011's priorities, please also indicate that. If there is no direction the funds will be co-mingled and used to meet Council's priorities as staff sees fit.

Any contribution over $10 will trigger a tax receipt which will be mailed to you. Thank you for considering Head, Clara & Maria in your donation decisions for 2011 and beyond.