Municipal Parks and Boat Launches

The Corportion of the United Townships of Head, Clara & Maria have in the past years, made great strides in working with volunteers and municipal staff to make improvements to our community for the enjoyment and recreation of our residents and visitor's alike.  

By partnering with various federal and provincial ministries and special funding organizations, we have worked to leverage existing funds through grant opportunities.

Thank you to the Federal Government through its Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Fund for support for improvements to Old Mackey Park through new washrooms, solar lighting, pathways and waste receptacles.  Without funding such as through these programs, projects such as ours would not be possible.

“With support through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program/Avec l’appui du Programme d’infrastructure communautaire de Canada 150.”

Throughout this process we have managed to participate in some awesome Canada and Ontario 150 projects which have resulted in improvements to our three boat launches - in Deux Rivieres, Stonecliffe and Mackey.  We have also made changes to our facilities at Old Mackey Park at the end of Jennings Road in Mackey.  The Recreation Committee has plans to make further improvements to Lacroix Park in Deux Rivieres.

Children's areas have been installed at the Municipal property in Stonecliffe and at Old Mackey Park.

Washrooms, lighting and pathways have been improved at Old Mackey Park.

Boat launches have seen improved washrooms, lighting and waste containers; along with new docks to aid in launching boats to enjoy the Ottawa River.

Thank you to those who have contributed to the fundraising activities which have occured over the past years.

A special thank you also to the various government organizations which have supported our activities.