Recycling in Head, Clara & Maria

Thank you for your interest in our Municipal Recycling Program.  In February of 2007, our municipality contracted with a small firm to collect recyclables; in 2016 the municipality assumed responsiblity for collection contracting with Beauman to collect from bins at the municipal disposal sites.  All materials should be cleaned and placed in clear (transparent) plastic bags for collection.  This prevents materials from absorbing water from rain or snow and making them more difficult to collect and process.

There are a few simple rules to ensure that the materials collected end up recycled and not in our landfill.  All containers and material must be clean.  Containers must be rinsed so that no food particles remain in or on the container or bag.  It is not necessary to remove outside paper from cans however; it is advisable to push the lids down inside the cans to prevent injuries during handling.  Please separate paper products from those that have been washed to prevent damage and contamination.  Unclean and damaged (wet) material will end up in our landfill.  Please do your part to keep our Township green.

Cottagers - please make your best efforts to join in our program.  Depending on where you live, you may be able to place your recyclables out along with full time residents at designated locations.  Alternately, you may bring them to the Stonecliffe and Bissett Creek Disposal Sites.  For more information call the Township Office at 613-586-2526 or email

Local Business Operators - Bins located at both Waste Disposal Sites are available for large volumes of recyclable materials.  All material must be prepared as for household collection i.e. cleaned and bagged (aside from cardboard boxes which may be tied in manageable bundles). 

Recyclable Materials List

Plastic bags - all plastic except chip and cereal bags
Aluminum - foil and plates
Metal and Aluminum Cans - soup, pop, beer, juice etc.  rinsed please
Cardboard and Boxboard - all types of boxes, broken down and flattened
Milk and Juice boxes/cartons - rinsed please
All Plastic Containers - ketchup/mustard type, margarine tubs, yogurt containers, oil/vinegar etc.
Plastic Bottles - water, pop, liquor, juice - any size
Paper Products - newspapers, egg cartons, magazines, catalogues, phone books, office paper, household junk mail, envelopes, potato bags, flour bags, sugar bags etc.
Glass - containers, jars, bottles - all colours glass - please separate broken glass in an enclosed container to prevent injury in handling
Small Appliances and Electronics - radios, computers, toasters, fans, microwaves etc.

Recycling Schedule

Mackey & Stonecliffe Residents Collection will take place every second Monday.  If a normal collection day falls on a holiday Monday, collection will be on the next business day, normally a Tuesday. 

Bissett Creek and Deux Rivieres Residents Collection will be on Tuesdays along with your regular garbage - simply put your materials out in clear (transparent) plastic bags for collection on your regular garbage collection days.

For additional information contact the Township Office 613-586-2526.