Emergency Preparedness

The Emergency Response Plan will be made available in alternative formats or with communications supports upon request.

Remember that although the municipality, the province and the country have emergency plans and procedures in place - it is up to you to prepare to protect yourself, your family and your property for at least 72 hours.  Remember, the people who operate those plans, may be in the same position as you are -  Or worse.  Someone will be there to help eventually, but...

You are responsible for you!

Ensure that you have a three (3) day supply per person!

  • Flashlight & batteries
  • Weather appropriate clothing & footwear (a change for each household member)
  • Radio & batteries
  • Blankets or sleeping bags
  • Basic tools (hammer & nails, pliers/wrench, duct tape, fasteners, work gloves, screwdriver set)
  • Toilet paper and other personal hygiene items (do you have a baby to provide for?)
  • First Aid Kit (Medication & prescriptions)
  • Special Needs Items (infant formula, spare glasses)
  • Candles & matches or lighter and fluid
  • Backpack/duffel bag or other type of carrying case (in case you have to evacuate)
  • Extra car keys and cash (bank machines and credit cards will not work if the power is out)
  • Whistle (to attract attention)
  • Identification Documents (copies of identification - birth certificates/passports/licenses)
  • Playing cards, games (you will need a diversion especially if you have children around)
  • Non perishable food (that you can prepare with limited resources and some for your pets too) (this should be replaced every year to ensure freshness)
  • Bottled water (enough for each person for drinking/cooking/hygiene for 3 days)

How about trying a new flashlight or radio that is either solar powered or crank operated - you never need batteries.

For additional information or to speak to someone about volunteering contact the Township's Community Emergency Management Coordinator at 613-586-2526.

Emergency Management Ontario can be contacted at http://www.emergencymanagementontario.ca/english/home.html